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We are the manufacturer/supplier of a new and innovative safety product on the European market, called Safe Lace Industrial. In a simple way, our product ensures that stumbles and falls due to loose laces and loose lace loops are a thing of the past. Because the bow stays in place and does not slacken or loosen slowly, the shoe stays firmly around the foot.


Tripping and falling on the work place have been first in the top 5 of business accidents for years. Driving behaviour and awareness is a must when it comes to working safely, but the use of personal protective equipment also plays an important role. Safe Lace Industrial offers convenience and safety!


Safe Lace Industrial is for every employer/employee who has safety in the workplace at its highest priority.


This product is sold by our sales partners, which are wholesale/retail specializing in workwear/safety. Safe Lace Industrial is available in black, every other color is negotiable.



Check out the information below and see how a small investment can help you avoid industrial accidents and associated high absence costs.

Safety and Prevention

A large number of employees are injured annually in business accidents caused by tripping and falling on the workplace. This is not only annoying for the employee, but also for the employer. It increases costs, disrupts project planning, and puts pressure on the team by ensuring that the absence is taken care of. It is therefore in everyone’s interest to avoid accidents as much as possible and sometimes it can be with small means.



According to a study from 2018, 44 of the employees on the shop floor in a factory, workplace or outside location will have experienced tripping or falling.


Other survey figures show that falling and/or tripping in the workplace is the most frequently mentioned cause that has resulted in an absence of four days of more. In nearly 30 of accidents with longer absenteeism, the injury was caused by slipping, stumbling or falling at the workplace.


Also it has been proven that with loose laces, sweat feet rise faster and you can sprain your foot faster. And every time lacing bows can lead to unsafe situations on the workplace floor.


It is important for every company to avoid accidents and unsafe situations at work. Personal protective equipment plays an important role here. Safe Lace Industrial is a must have in every employee’s PPE package!

A new safety standard!

Safe Lace Industrial locks the laces and makes sure they no longer go loose until you decide to loosen them yourself. No more delays and frustration.


Also loose lacing loops that can linger somewhere behind or you can stumble over, are no longer a danger with Safe Lace Industrial. A must have, especially by working at heights and nearby machines.


With Safe Lace Industrial, your laces stay stuck all day long, so your shoe stays firmly on your foot. The absense caused by spraining will go down.


Safe Lace Industrial is available as standard in black (every other colour is negotiable) and made of very highly flexible material. You wear them without noticing that they are on your shoelaces and when you take off your shoes they stick to your laces, lose them or forget so you will not forget them.


A relatively small investment with a very large return!

How does it work?


Get your laces through the eyes of Safe Lace Industrial matching the width of your shoe, and slide it down on your shoe.




Then tie your shoelaces like you’re used to. Double knots are not necessary.




Fold long loops over each other, then pull the lip over the button. You’re ready to work safely!



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Who's it for?
Safe Lace Industrial is a great solution for many target groups. Whether you work in a production environment, on a construction site or in home care, nothing is as annoying and dangerous as loose laces and loose lace loops.

In healthcare, it is not only suitable for the employees or care staff, but also for the people to whom care is provided. Safe Lace Industrial is a solution for patients or clients for whom it is difficult or not possible to tie their shoelaces. They are protected all day from falls and tripping caused by loose laces.

Production & Packaging


Safe Lace Industrial is produced in Europe and packaged in the Netherlands, by people with distance from the labour market. They work at Biga Group in Zeist and Concern for Work in Lelystad. Safe Lace Industrial’s packaging is made from environmentally friendly kraft paper.


Our sales partners

Safe Lace Industrial is sold through our sales partners. Interested in becoming a sales partner? Please contact us at [email protected] or +31 (0)30 3200 676


Intersafe is the leading European provider of a comprehensive range of products and services for safety in every workplace. Intersafe is available for the complete range: from risk analysis to personal protective equipment (PPE) and certification.


Van Walraven: the technical supplier
You can come to them for a very wide range of home and utility building, GWW, installation engineering and industry items. Whether you are looking for tools, roof or construction products, pumps, fire protection and work clothes. Van Walraven has it.


TRITAL is a trendsetting, innovative and reliable supplier of personal protective equipment, founded on a strong social commitment and with the realization that the personal safety and health of the wearer is the starting point for all action now and in the future.

Become a sales partner?

Are you a wholesaler and are you interested to include Safe Lace Industrial in your product range? We like to talk and can put down a very attractive price proposition. Please contact us to make an appointment and/or discuss the possibilities. This can be done by sending a mail to [email protected] or by telephone on +31 30 3200676.

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Consumer, end user?

For consumer orders, please visit ourSafe Lace Active site. This is a lighter version of the product and is available in 11 colours.

Safe Lace Industrial as a promotional item?

Safe Lace Industrial is great for giving away as a promotional item or business gift.

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