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Trital has made a cool video of our product and shares it on LinkedIn.

Vandeputte shares an extensive story about Safe Lace Industrial, with all the pluses (and minuses).

Our partner Vandeputte shares a list of 7 must-haves in the field of safety products in which Safe Lace Industrial is of course not missing.


Watch the interviewwith Silvia on the Prettybusiness website!

My name is Aileen Out and I am the owner ofPrettybusiness. This is the only blog in the Netherlands that exclusively focuses on business fashion and workwear. Every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday a new article comes online around 19:00. Have fun reading! the latest news site focused on the dynamic world of working at altitude. Based on a passion for safe working, but also the expertise and experience with the aerial sector, publishes dutch and international news about this special industry on a daily basis. And that in a completely independent way!

Industrie Magazine provides information for entrepreneurs in the industrial sector. Industrie Magazine reaches the sectors metal, plastic, transport & storage, machines, drive technology, electricity, supply companies, wholesalers and packaging companies. In addition to the industry information and reports of events held in the sector, Industrie Magazine brings news in the political, economic, financial and social fields. offers the largest range of construction products in the Netherlands. brings decision makers and influencers within the construction industry (who are looking for and buying products) into contact with suppliers of products. is an edition of BertensMedia and gives an overview of all the important topics in the construction industry.


The’s portal aims to provide the security expert with practical information and a platform. The content of this site is aimed at providing applicable knowledge in the field of occupational safety. The editorial team consists of experienced journalists and editors within the field. Input from the field is welcome at all times!

Since Roel Groeneveld opened its first optics store in 1934, Intersafe has grown to become the leading supplier of products and services that increases the safety of your employees in every situation and under any circumstances. Intersafe is available for the complete range: from risk analysis to personal protective equipment (PPE) and certification.

Bouwtottaal is the platform for building the Netherlands, with current topics, themes and product information.

In Roofs you will find a wide range of topics about the developments and techniques in the field of roofs every month. Roofs is therefore a leader for the roofing industry. The editorial board has set itself the task of informing professional information to a broad readership professionally involved in decision-making, design or other work related to the roof. Roofs is surrounded by a variety of specialists who closely monitor and guide the development of the roofing industry within authoritative organizations and leading companies.

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