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New safety product puts an end to dangerous situations through loose laces


Houten, 3 November 2020 Safe Lace Europe has recently launched an innovative safety product in Europe called Safe Lace Industrial. In a simple way, the product ensures that loose laces and loose lace loops on the shop floor are a thing of the past. And this is sorely needed, because research shows that tripping and falling in the workplace has been in the top 5 of industrial accidents for years.


Laces pose risk of industrial accidents and absence.

The appearance of loose laces and loose lace loops in the workplace is proving difficult in practice for both employers and employees. It is an everyday problem and creates unsafe situations. In addition to the danger of tripping and falling, dislocations and sprains of foot and ankle are also lurking. This reduces the risk of industrial accidents and long-term absenteeism. When working at high altitudes and near machines, dangerous situations and associated consequences are even greater.


Gem in the areas of safety, fair trade and production

Safe Lace Industrial is a new safety product and puts an end to loose laces and loose lace loops for good. Gert Jan van Spanje, category manager at Intersafe B.V. says: “As a supplier of safety products, you are always looking for ‘gems’. Safe Lace Industrial is one of those things as far as we’re concerned. The story of this product is true from start to finish, a welcome addition to our range”. By this he also refers to the fact that the owners of the Houtense start-up have made conscious choices in the development process. For example, Safe Lace Industrial is produced in Europe and packaged in the Netherlands by people with a distance from the labour market.




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