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Safe Lace Industrial is sold by our sales partners who have branches throughout Europe.

If you have any questions about our distribution channels or are interested in becoming our own sales partner, please feel free to contact us via [email protected],or contact usby phone on +31 (0)30 3200 676 or directly with Silvia Medema-Schakel on +31 (0)6 14351923.

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Intersafe Netherlands B.V. is located in Dordrecht.

They are the leading European supplier and wholesaler of a comprehensive range of products and services for safety in every workplace. Intersafe is available for the complete range: from risk analysis to personal protective equipment (PPE) and certification. A company with in-depth expertise in individual health and safety solutions and personal protective equipment for industrial workplaces.


Van Walraven has several branches in the Netherlands.
Van Walraven is a wholesaler in infrastructure and installation material. They sell products for a very wide range of home and utility, building, GWW, installation engineering and industry. Whether you are looking for tools, roof or construction products, pumps, fire protection and work clothes. Van Walraven has it.

Trital Safety B.V. is located in Hoogvliet-Rotterdam

Trital is a trendsetting, innovative and reliable supplier of personal protective equipment and workwear. Founded on a strong social involvement and with the realization that the personal safety and health of the wearer is the starting point for all actions now and in the future.

PCH Benelux is located in Loon op Zand.

They have been specialized in products and solutions in the field of safety and industrial technology for more than 20 years. As a partner for all industries, municipalities and crafts, we guarantee maximum service and security with more than 130 employees, five branches in Germany and one branch in the Benelux.

Specials Workwear is located in Eindhoven.

They are total suppliers when it comes to corporate clothing. His supplier of the leading brands of workwear and work shoes. They always strive for optimal customer satisfaction. They have the experience to assist every company when it comes to occupational safety.

Dirksen Bedrijfskleding is located in Almelo.

Dirksen’s professionals make your employees visible and recognizable. Functional and comfortable workwear and personal protective equipment, applied to your work environment. Due to the constant need to innovate, Dirksen has a lot of knowledge. Knowledge that is noticeable in advice, functionality and servitude. They listen, measure, analyze and advise. Only then will Dirksen deliver a product, but even better: a total concept.


Voskamp Groep has several branches in the Netherlands.

The Voskamp Group has grown from a small family business trading in hardware to a versatile company active in construction, industry, security and sustainability. With more than 70 years of experience and more than 500 employees, they use us every day for optimal cooperation with their customers to make projects a success.

Vandeputte has several branches in the Netherlands and Europe.

In recent decades, Vandeputte has grown into a trendsetter in industrial safetyand in well-being,first in Belgium and then also in Europe. More than 4000 companies, from SMEs to multinationals, now ensure their safety through Vandeputte. The basis of this success is the way in which they translate our years of experience and expertise – with the most diverse risks and sectors – into a personal approach. The conviction that every human being has the right to a optimal and comfortable protectionin his workplace has long been at the heart of their mission.


Protect XXL is located in Helmond.

ProtectXXL.nl is the webshop for (business) customers who need work shoes and personal protective equipment (PPE). ProtectXXL’s philosophy in general is different from that of other providers. The goal of ProtectXXL is to sell work shoes and PPE that not only meet the highest safety requirements, but also contribute to a comfortable working environment.



We can be contacted by phone on working days from 9:00 to 18:00 via + 31 (0) 30 – 320 0676

Less urgent questions, or rather in writing? Mail us! [email protected]


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