Health and safety deserve attention

Wednesday, April 28th is World Day for Safety and Health at Work. This day is intended to draw attention to the prevention of accidents at work and occupational diseases and is declared by theInternational Labour Organisation (ILO).

The ILO is an international organisation of the United Nations that brings together governments, employers and workers to achieve good working conditions around the world. Approximately 185 countries are members of the ILO. It is not an international trade union, but an organisation that promotes cooperation between the parties involved.

The risks are real across our industry, and in every aspect of our work, including ones we can’t always see—the outside stresses and distractions that interfere with our ability to stay present, focused and safe on the job. That’s why it’s critically important to promote holistic safety in the workplace. This means ensuring that we are always both physically and mentally present, and that we make every aspect of our wellbeing part of our safety culture and programs. We must prioritize both physical and psychological safety, and how together, they play an important role in our relationships with our team members and with our ability to bring our safest, most productive, best selves to work every day.

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It is important that not only employers, but also employees are aware of safety in the workplace. With Safe Lace Industrial you can bring this topic to the attention in a fun and safety-promoting way.


  • Safe Lace Industrial is a user product, so time and time again your organization is top of mind. That’s what you want!
  • Safe Lace Industrial ensures relevance and convenience, unique features that are necessary for a promotional gift.
  • Safe Lace Industrial is produced in Europe and packaged in the Netherlands by people with a distance from the labour market, something that is certainly appreciated by the recipient.

We can personalize the packaging for you: a (company) logo, company colors, an appropriate text, a wish, a greeting, a thank you.

Don’t wait too long, April 28 seems a long way off, but it also takes time if we’re going to get it done together.

Laces securely stuck at work, always!
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